Julia Rolnick:  College Admissions Consultant


I help students present their talents, experiences, ​and potential with clarity and insight.


Why Am I Needed?

  • School counselors have lots of demands on their time and many students to look after.
  • Top colleges have far, far fewer places than they have well-qualified applicants.
  • Even good students procrastinate, miss deadlines, and are plagued by misinformation.
  • The college application process can seem daunting, confusing and complicated. It is!

What Do I Help Students Do?

  • Widen their horizons and take advantage of opportunities – often far beyond their schools;
  • Build on their strengths, develop skills, stay engaged, strategize, and plan ahead;
  • Identify colleges at which they will thrive and make strides towards their long-term goals;
  • Shape powerful applications with compelling essays. I love giving feedback on essays!

How Can I Help?

  • I can keep students on track. Teens often listen better to an outside voice.
  • I have a proven track record. Experienced guidance can lower stress for the whole family.
  • From optimizing testing to gaining admission, I can oversee the whole application process.