Julia Rolnick:  College Admissions Consultant



"College applications are a daunting task and Julia helped us navigate this complicated process with sensitivity, integrity and unique expertise. Her guidance gave our daughter the ability to showcase her true strengths and tell her unique story in the most compelling manner possible while keeping us all on task to meet the myriad of deadlines. 

This was an investment worth every penny and resulted in much more than the acceptance to her first choice school. It gave our daughter an opportunity to grow and a framework to reflect on her accomplishments while considering her next steps in a deep and thoughtful way. We believe she has made the best choice possible with Julia’s guidance and continuous support and we couldn't be happier with the results. "
Valerie Colis, Chicago

"I initially felt overwhelmed by the number of colleges out there, and Julia helped me weigh pros and cons that I would never have thought of on my own. When we discussed revising my essays, she helped me figure out what I really wanted to say and how to convey it. She helped me identify and express my individuality - so I wouldn't be lost among all the other well-qualified applicants. It was so reassuring to receive her guidance throughout the application process! "  
Emily Gould, Brown University

"I  can't tell you how thankful I am for your incredible insight,  continuing support and remarkable patience. You have truly helped me accomplish the impossible with these applications. I believe that all of my applications are the best they can be thanks to your help.  Regardless of the acceptance decisions, it will be a success in my eyes.  It has been a pleasure working with you throughout this process."
HW, Tufts University

"Julia gave very insightful critiques of my applications to competitive fellowships and graduate programs which I'm positive contributed to my success. My ability to write about myself has improved immensely from working with her."  
Sean, Graduate Student at MIT

"Over the past eight years, Julia Rolnick has been an invaluable source of guidance and advice, helping me to polish applications, prepare for interviews, and consider which steps to take next in my education. With Julia's help, I won a full-ride scholarship to a high-quality liberal arts college, was a finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship, and received a Fulbright Scholarship. 

Julia's intelligent and thoughtful suggestions have consistently helped me to present myself and my academic work in the best possible light, and have helped me to feel confident and  well-prepared for the future. Julia is an excellent resource for students as they navigate their academic careers, from middle and high school all the way through to applications for graduate scholarships. She has my highest recommendation!"
Rhodes Finalist and Fulbright Recipient

"Being here is quite surreal, especially as it is an ambition I harbored for such a long time, and you’ve given me an enormous opportunity by helping me find a place in this community. I just wanted to thank you again for helping me make what was once a far-fetched goal, into a reality." 

CL, Colorado College

"Julia's assistance was a boon both because of her insights about the best way for my son to present himself in his essays and application details, and because she relieved me of the impossible role of nag, becoming a trusted sounding board for him along the way. We are so grateful to have had her help. The process and the result were way better than we could have hoped! "
Alison, CA

"Julia was a tremendous help in suggesting rigorous academic materials and resources that not only deeply enriched my daughter's homeschooled education, but better prepared her for college. This resulted in a full-ride, four-year scholarship at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon at age 16. We couldn't recommend Julia's consulting services highly enough. "  
Karen Dill, WA  

"Once again, I must really thank you for the wonderful perspective and input you've provided. All your comments and advice are of such high quality and show your great experience with counseling college entrance. I really appreciate your advice because you are concerned about a well-balanced education to prepare a student for college. I enjoy getting advice from you, because I know that you truly care for my child's well being and provide us with personalized  advice, year after  year, to help my child grow. You have earned my utmost respect as a counselor to my child, and my gratitude as a friend to my entire family.  Your advice has always been timely, honest, effective, and uplifting. Once again, thank you for your words of wisdom. I read and re-read your emails again and again... Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! Thank  you!!! "  
Jason See 

"Sydney will be in good hands for the next 4  years!! Thank you so much for your help! I will write to update you regularly Julia;  I truly appreciate your sound advice.  :-)  :-)  :-) "
Serene Chuah, NY

"Julia Rolnick is a treasure trove of educational knowledge and experience. Her guidance is insightful and highly effective."
Marie Winn, Author of  "The Plug-In Drug: Television, Computers & Family Life and Children Without Childhood."

Email: juliarolnick@collegeconsiderations.com